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David Knapp
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Bloc Logistics
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"Odessa and Beyond"

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Odessa, Black Sea, Caspian Basin
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Bloc Logistics:

Services Highway & Bush Alaska & Far Northwest Canada.

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About Bloc Logistics

Bloc Logistics was started as a result of one of our owners working in the Yukon Kuskokwim Delta and Later in the worlds largest Wild Salmon fishery in famous Bristol Bay Alaska.

As the owners of Bristol Bay Refrigeration and Port Engineer for Kemp Pacific, remote and time sensitive, as well as innovative became part of the mainstay of doing business in this remote part of Alaska's West Coast on the Bearing Sea where the supply chain never includes roads and entire fishing seasons are measured by hours not months.

This adventurous spirit is still today 24 years later at the core of what drives Bloc Logistics. The more remote and difficult the delivery point of what ever cargo, by what ever transport mode, the more we thrive! We love to explain to our customers how they're freight will arrive at they're final destination and see the reaction on their face as we describe how we plan to move their cargo. In Alaska today we move many cargos to remote bush areas of Alaska and far North West Canada where roads are simply not available.

The so called highways of the bush have names like Kuskokwim, Nushigak, Yukon and usually have the word river after it. Keeping this in mind it is no wonder delivery by truck to some of the more well known cities and towns of the far north, such as Anchorage, Fairbanks, or Kenai, Homer and Valdez or the Matsu valley, Palmer, Wasilla and Big Lake, seem tame by comparison but we serve these areas routinely as well.

We serve Alaska by road, ice road as well as by ocean barge (tug & tow) river LCM and bush air cargo as well as winter tundra cat trains on the frozen tundra of Bush Alaska and the North Slope.

We are experts at sizing, package and configuring barge and remote destined freight so as to assure the integrity of your shipment. We have many years experience loading with cost reduction in mind. There are many differences in loading a common load of lets say lumber, in the lower forty eight which is fairly routine and much easier to conform to D.O.T regulations governing shipments in the lower U.S and Canada. We can not only load and package your freight to meet D.O.T and Customs regulations but our load configuring will save you money.

We also have years of compliant operations experience in the Part 135 F.A.A regulations governing air cargo service to and from Alaska and the Yukon.

Having shipped thousands of pieces in and out of and through Canada we make border crossing a comfortable and confidence building experience. We have never had a shipment rejected for improper customs documentation or a customs compliance issue!!

Our load, packaging and knowledge of the Alaska Highway conditions will certainly help avoid unforeseen cargo ride problems as we will certainly address the questions that many inexperienced companies are simply not aware of.

Our Bloc Logistics division is proud to say we have Sergei Khromchenko as our Regional Agent and Project Manager. A life long citizen of Kazakhstan. Sergei and members of his family have been in the shipping business for many years based in Temirtau, Kazakhstan. We say with confidence when it comes to logistics through the Black Sea from Ukraine to Kazakhstan, "Sergei can handle it"! Sergei and his family have been involved in the transportation industry in the Caspian Basin for over 20 years.

From the Port of Odessa Ukraine transporting freight on the rails to Karagonda, Kazakhstan. Project cargo and break bulk cargo ranging from oil filed and mining equipment and supplies, to large volume break bulk cargo such as steel bar stock to the Port of Odessa Ukraine for export to North America and or shipments such as oil field and mining equipment, construction machinery, milling and equipment machining such as boring mills, conveyors and other industrial equipment.

Sergie and his entire division team are bilingual. They can handle the customs work, having worked with the customs agents from The Russian Federation, Ukraine, and Kazahstan. "From all of our team here at All Alaska & BLOC, we look forward to serving you "Dusdedonyeah"

Literally, at Bloc Logistics, when we say "Roads Optional" we mean it!!! Much of our cargo arrives at its destination by some very unconventional transport modes.

All Alaska focuses on the regions of the world that require a unique knowledge and experience of some unusually unconventional transportation methods. We don't avoid the most remote logistical destinations to reach, we focus on them. Our core business is the unconventional delivery to the most remote destinations in the world.

Whether your delivery requires a Trip on the ice roads of Alaska, or a flight in a DC-3 on skis, which may deliver your cargo on an Alaskan frozen lake, or maybe your freight is to deliver 100 miles from the nearest arctic village and a arctic cat train is required to reach your destination. Maybe your delivery point is on Alaska's Bearing Sea Coast, where the nearest highway is hundreds of miles away, and your delivery will require a LCM (Landing craft) to drop your cargo off on a remote beach or up river hundreds of miles on a remote sand bar on the the Koyakuk River?

Is it a container load of mining supplies or break bulk drilling or construction equipment that need to get to one of the many mines in Central Asia, or to a drill platform in the Caspian Sea. In either case the nearest port with year round service to North America is The Port of Odessa, or Mariupol, Ukraine, nearly 2,000 miles to the far Eastern Caspian Basin where by the time your freight gets to it's destination it will have traveled for over a week on the Kazakhstan Rail Road or a Machina Kamoz (Russian for truck!) Your shipment may need to clear customs several times while traveling through three or four remote Russian speaking countries in route to your final destination. We handle the customs work for you, to assure your shipment clears customs in each country it travels through!

If your consignee speaks Russian or English, our bilingual project managers can handle your shipment, and provide you with the service of a seasoned hands on transportation veteran with a combined 35 years of experience. All of All Alaska agents are not only Bi-lingual (Russian/English), but unlike other logistics companies our experience is field based. We know our business because of our field experience and not because we picked it up in our reading! Feel free to contact us with your next challenging move, the peace of mind begins from the first phone call!!

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